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By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on July 6th, 2016

The “clasped-hands lean” is a familiar posture in art museums. Bending forward to read labels or intently study artwork, this body language says a visitor is respectfully refraining from touching artwork.

At the Woodson Art Museum, we’ve discovered the need to invite visitors – via signage in few select areas – to dive in and explore.

Throughout Art Park, the Museum’s interactive gallery in the lower level, signs encourage visitors of all ages to delve into the hands-on activities that enliven themes from each changing exhibition. This summer’s exhibition, The Art of Seating: 200 Years of American Design, focuses on purposeful art – objects like chairs that function well, with style. Visitors are invited, in varied ways, to explore and experiment with elements that result in good design.








Take a spin in the Spun Chair!










Try the musical chairs!

blog7-6-16DrumSign blog7-6-16ChairFlairSign

Share your thoughts about sublime design!

blog7-6-16ReclineWallSign blog7-6-16ConsiderSmallSign

We love seeing the comments that visitors share.


Next up on the sign to-do list? The bike rack. This sleek blend of form and function may have some bicyclists wondering whether they can use it. We plan to remove any doubts by giving the green light via a sign.


What do you suggest as an inviting invitation?


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