It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Super Toddler!

By: Jayna Hintz, curator of education on August 18th, 2010

The sculpture garden morphed into a superheroes’ lair during the Woodson Art Museum’s August Toddler Tuesday program. More than 165 children ages two to four donned masks, capes, and wrist bands that they made themselves.

Superheroes were everywhere you looked, convinced they could fly and leap tall buildings in a single bound. While a few led parents on a good chase, none got away.

What a delight to give a young child the chance to make his or her own costume, play dress up, and see where it leads. One little guy wore his cape, mask, and wrist bands throughout the Tom Pease concert in the garden Tuesday evening.

The superhero theme stemmed from I Wanna Draw Comics When I Grow Up, an exhibition of comic-book artist Tim Seeley’s villains and heroes, on view through August 29.

During Toddler Tuesday each month, little ones and accompanying adults visit six art-making stations, a storytelling area, and a snack table. The theme usually correlates with a current exhibition and connects all the stations, stories, and sometimes the snack. This month, children had the opportunity to take home a superhero cape, mask, wrist bands, stick-on emblem for the cape, and stamped and painted word balloons.

It was great fun!

See for yourself by checking out the WSAW-TV 7 website at Diane Normand, of Channel 7, covered the event and even captured commentary from a few of the young superheroes.

Sometimes you need to be part of the fun to get the full picture. If you missed the August Toddler Tuesday, don’t worry. You can drop by next month on Tuesday, September 21, 10:30-Noon, for a fun-filled, bird-themed event, that coincides with the 35th anniversary of the Museum and the Birds in Art exhibition.

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