Leaving Cairns & Comments

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on August 22nd, 2018

While hiking in Canada and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near the Great Lakes last week, my husband and I saw an abundance of cairns, rocks piled often in unlikely places along trails, shorelines, and even atop rock outcroppings towering beside highways. People like to make their marks along the way, leaving tangible evidence of meaningful experiences.


More helpful to us were the comments, advice, and guidance about trails that hikers left without a trace, except in their virtual wakes, via posts on TripAdvisor.


More than once, reviews piqued our interest and convinced us to give excursions a try. Posted comments included insights that helped give us an idea of what to expect, especially with our dog, Kenai, along for the hike.

As you chart your course during the remaining days of summer, let this sampling of recent TripAdvisor reviews and comments posted on social media be your guide.

Seize the next few fleeting days for a last look at The World According to Federico Uribe, which remains on view through Sunday, August 26, at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Experience vibrant, inventive sculptures – a menagerie made from unexpected objects. Also, see Museum collection artwork in the south galleries and sculpture garden. Visit – always admission free – Tuesday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm; Saturday & Sunday, Noon-5pm. Get details here: www.lywam.org.

Savor these final few days of this summer’s exhibition and construct your “cairns” by posting comments about how Uribe’s artwork makes its mark, inspiring you to look at your world anew.

  • Such stunning and joyful works of art. What a master! I laughed out loud at some of his creations – they are so whimsical and gorgeous. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this family-friendly exhibition while it is still here. Great job, museum staff! And, as always, the grounds and sculpture garden are relaxing and inviting.
  • Fascinating and Fun – It was a joy to experience the display of “recycled” items made into breath-taking art. Fun for all ages in our group. Fascinating, inspiring, uplifting.
  • Very interesting and fun exhibit by Federico Uribe – very fun and amazing made with lots of pencils, soles of shoes, tops of shoes, rubber tires, helmets, etc. all into beautiful fun animals. This exhibition will be at the museum through August 26th. I would highly recommend seeing this beautiful, unbelievable talent from this artist. The museum itself is very, very nice with an outside garden.
  • Museum for the whole family – I come here often with my best friend, or with my family, which all enjoy. Often times there are children’s interactive things to see and do . . . great for the whole family.
  • Federico Uribe Exhibition – Wow! The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum has once again shown that art and its many mediums can be fun and amazing. Federico Uribe’s site-specific exhibition encompasses many unusual items creating (building) animals, landscapes and humans. This is a must see exhibition while at the Museum through August 26, 2018. Also enjoy Ann Faust’s serigraphs in the south galleries.
  • Wow! I was introduced to the work of Federico Uribe displayed at the Woodson Art Museum today. My mind is spinning with ways to bring his work into my classroom! So many good ideas for the classroom!

  • Wow that image of an elephant is powerful when you zoom in! Contemporary artists manipulate materials in so many incredible and ironic ways.
  • I agree; this was a great exhibit. I love immersive art. Some of the pieces were so intricate and beautiful.
  • This exhibit was amazing! If you have a chance, by all means, please visit and be astounded!
  • Took our daughter and three young granddaughters. Enjoyed it very much. The young ones loved searching for all the animals in the gardens. Will definitely be making further trips.
  • Always wonderful – something for everyone!
  • Fantastic exhibition, worth the trip.
  • Wonderful place to visit.
  • Went to see this, it’s really awesome!!
  • Fantastic exhibition – you must see it.
  • A truly great exhibition; loved it.
  • Photos don’t do it justice. Have to be there!
  • This is a must see!!! Amazing.
  • The displays were fantastic. I highly recommend.

  • Absolutely incredible exhibit!
  • A gem of a museum, especially the sculpture garden.
  • I went to this exhibition. Fantastic. Take your family.
  • I went to see this menagerie! It was fabulous!
  • It’s amazing!!
  • This exhibition is so neat! If you haven’t seen it yet, make time.
  • One word. GO!

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