Let There Be “Light”

By: Matt Foss on August 29th, 2018

When regular Woodson Wanderings bloggers need a break, I’m the go-to pinch hitter. When I ask marketing and communications manager Amy Beck what she wants me to write about, the response is always the same: “keep it light.” Knowing my penchant for esoteric pop-culture references and double entendre, this is probably sage advice.

So, to keep things “light,” I’m happy to report on the completion of another exciting Woodson Art Museum building project.

For nearly twenty years, Art Park, the Museum’s interactive family gallery, invited children and families to engage in hands-on art projects, read books, and enjoy creative play in a fun-filled environment. While Art Park functioned well, aesthetics change, and it was time to “re-landscape” Art Park, giving it a more modern look.

The “old”

The “new”

Besides removing the orange floor and the gray and green fabric from the walls, the space received enhanced lighting, new doors to facilitate better movement of materials, and exterior and interior windows to let natural light into the space.



As I write this, Art Park is completely transformed. If you were a fan of the Art Park of yore, don’t fret. Its spirit remains, with even more dynamic hands-on activities, art projects, and books.

Once again, it was great to work alongside Museum staff, our design-build partner, The Samuels Group, and the numerous local subcontractors who worked on the project’s design and execution. After all the logistics involved in coordinating this project, I am looking forward to the responses from members and visitors, who will encounter the “re-landscaped” space for the first time during the opening of the 2018 Birds in Art exhibition on Saturday, September 8. That will be the ultimate test.

I’m confident the new windows will “keep it light.”

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