Make a Gift a Mother Is Sure to Love

By: Jayna Hintz, curator of education on November 27th, 2013

Recently, during the opening of Huchthausen: A Glass Retrospective at the Woodson Art Museum, artist David Huchthausen gave a talk about how he “stumbled upon” and began exploring the glass art form during his first college days in Wausau. He attributed his discovery to his mother, because she encouraged him to investigate the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County with the hope of keeping him near his Wisconsin Rapids home. The love of a mother started a journey that has turned out quite well for Mr. Huchthausen.

David Huchthausen, Implosion Sequence, 1995
A mother’s love is something we’re often thankful for, especially during this holiday season. As I sit down for our family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner tomorrow, I’ll give thanks for the love I receive from my mother. Sometimes it takes a reminder from someone else to be thankful for those important people in our lives. I wonder how many of David Huchthausen’s early glasswork attempts became centerpieces prominently displayed with pride by his mother. Mothers so often help us build pride in our accomplishments and offer encouragement to keep trying.
Linda Kindler Priest, From Egg to Water

As a mother of two young adults, I display with pride many artworks my children made. Now that they are older, I miss those gifts made with their own two hands. I plan to hint heavily about someone making a piece of jewelry I can wear with pride.

Jewelry-making classes are being offered at my favorite museum this holiday season :).

Kay Rashka, silver earrings

What have you made for your mother recently? A gift infused with creativity and love beats any store-purchased gift. The Woodson Art Museum offers a range of upcoming programs, including glass fusion and jewelry making – fused-glass pendants and silver fabricated earrings. Both complement the exhibitions on view now through January 19, 2014: Huchthausen: A Glass Retrospective and Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metals. Check out or call 715.845.7010 for more details and to register for classes.

Sarah Birschbach, glass pendant
Last year I made my mother a small oak table during a class at the Woodson Art Museum. Maybe she’ll get a gift from the heart this year, too.
Sarah Birschbach, glass pendant

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