Micro Modernism under the Magnifying Glass

By: Catie S. Anderson, occasional "art critic" on January 27th, 2021

For my premiere post as the Woodson Wanderings’ occasional “art critic,” let’s take a closer look at another first – the Wee Build Workshop’s inaugural exhibition – Micro Modernism, a modest presentation of miniscule proportion.

Highlighting overlooked miniature artwork of the twentieth century, the exhibition offers a colorful and bite-sized overview of some of Modernism’s most popular aesthetics such as minimalism and constructivism. An ode to Wassily Kandinsky’s bright palette and distinct marriage of geometric and biomorphic forms is seen in the watercolor, Small World Composition III, pictured below at left. An untitled painting – below at right – by a follower of Jackson Pollock anchors the installation and captures the dense and energetic work of the late abstract expressionist.

“Crowds” can be seen flocking to the gallery’s plaza, eager for the Wee Build Workshop’s debut. The visitor I asked for a take on the newly minted galleries first queried me, “Where are the mini restrooms?” before adding, “I’ll take a look at the art after I find those . . . nothin’ wrong with lookin’ at a little art once in a while.” Whilst reviewing the charming Activity Guide, I smiled to myself as I overheard a patron comment to a companion, “Why, my kid could make that.” While the child might be a master of Modernism, these artworks are the result of the craftspeople of the Wee Build Workshop, all anonymous and all full-size adults.
Exhibition curator Shannon Pueschner stated, “big things come in small packages. I find the anxiety caused by the scale of today’s global issues can be momentarily escaped with a mini-museum visit. I hope the community responds to the joyful and approachable nature of this daring and dainty installation.”  

I’m curious to see how the Wee Build Workshop will evolve, engage new audiences, and expand its repertoire. This art critic has heard rumors from a source inside the Workshop that upcoming endeavors range from the decorative arts to classical sculpture.

Enjoy this exclusively released first look at Micro Modernism in this video:

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