Out the Door

By: Lisa Hoffman, curator of education on August 5th, 2020

The evergreen I recall from childhood extended to the heavens, and courage was measured by letting go while hanging from a limb eight feet above the ground. The creek meandered – burbling over rocks, exposing imaginary quicksand, nourishing buttercups, and refreshing various wildlife. Milkweed fed Monarch butterflies and provided endless fascination. The rock pile invited both creation and parent-sanctioned destruction.

My early childhood was spent in The Woods . . . a sparse stand of trees, a trickle of water, and a few rabbits and squirrels, on two acres at the edge of a village. Mom’s command, “Out the door,” meant time in The Woods, which I found enchanting, whether alone or with the neighbor kids.

As staff take turns greeting visitors at the Museum’s main entrance, we’ve noticed many are exploring the sculpture garden and grounds. For some, this open-air space enhances the visit to the indoor galleries, and for others, it is the sole destination. Many – of all ages – delight in the simple pleasure of the seek-and-find activity. Perhaps some who are frequent Museum gallery visitors may be enjoying the outdoor spaces for the first time.

Go “out the door” by visiting the enchanting Woodson Art Museum sculpture garden and grounds. Venture through our doors and explore galleries featuring Art of the Hunt from the Museum’s collection and the summer exhibition, Many Visions, Many Versions: Art from Indigenous Communities in India.

Whether rediscovering familiar places or stopping here for the first time, delights await, inside and out.

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