Projects That Bring Us Together

By: Elaina Johann, administrative manager on November 16th, 2022

I’ve always enjoyed chances to collaborate. Throughout my days at the Woodson Art Museum, I get opportunities to work on projects and tasks with each of my co-workers. It’s the nature of having a staff our size; we rely on and go to one another for help and to bounce off ideas. This time of year, staff have offered brainstorming for Birds in Art 2023; provided various writing and images for Vista, the Museum’s newsletter for members; and selected collection artworks and designed layouts for member-related offerings and to sell at Visitor Services.

Image of artist talking in galleries and giving presentation from 2022 Birds in Art

Even before the 2022 exhibition opened, we were already thinking about Birds in Art 2023. My co-workers offered exceptional insights into what went well and what could improve. Throughout the entire Birds in Art process, from posting ads about the prospectus and the call for entries into the juried exhibition to the final days of this year’s exhibition, we hear from artists, members, and visitors and work together to consider how to improve the experience. We’re always learning and exploring how to best take Birds in Art to greater heights.

Three times a year, Vista is mailed to Museum members. With all going on at the Museum – from the Birds in Art preview festivities and hosting nearly 60 artists from around the world to robust programming such as SPARK! or an artist presentation and workshop with Birds in Art artist Sean Russell – there’s certainly plenty of content to fill Vista’s 12 pages. Each issue starts with a planning meeting where assignments are made. I collect writing from co-workers, information about recently acquired artworks, and compile membership lists and images featuring a range of creative activities. After many rounds of editing and working with graphic designer, Rick Wunsch, Vista comes together in a nice package to be delivered directly to our Members’ doors. Expect the next edition of Vista soon!

Back cover of 2023 calendar with images from the Woodson Art Museums collection

Images of collection artworks in the 2023 Museum calendar

Last summer, curator of collections Amalia Wojciechowski mentioned she would like to create a calendar highlighting collection artworks. We agreed that as she came across artworks that might complement months, she would add images to a folder. By fall, we’d identified more than enough artworks for the calendar, plus others for use in future printed materials. When next at the Museum, check out the 2023 calendar, as well as notepads, notecards, and postcards. Some of these items are also now available online. You might find the perfect holiday gift for the art lover in your life!

The Woodson Art Museum’s collaboration engine is well oiled and ready to power forward.

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