Rooftop “View”

By: Matt Foss on June 30th, 2021

For over a year now, the Woodson Art Museum has been teasing the opening of a rooftop sculpture garden atop the Museum’s 2011 addition. While we are not quite ready to debut this exquisite new space to the public, it’s getting closer.

Just two weeks ago, Museum staff, along with Birds in Art Master Wildlife Artists Walter Matia and Don Rambadt installed a large bronze sculpture created specifically for the roof by Walt. Don Rambadt, who is no stranger to outdoor sculpture installation, served a key role in the physical installation of the sculpture.

It was a bit out of context to see Walt and Don in June and not September when the Birds in Art opening weekend takes place, but that quickly subsided when work was underway. In many ways, it felt like they never left.

Coincidentally, Birds in Art artist Tim Lawson and his family stopped by the Museum on their way through Wisconsin earlier that same day. This provided another chance for staff to reconnect with a longtime Museum friend.

When I was recounting the day’s events to my wife, Mallory, she remarked at how lucky I am to have such experiences. Being able to work with and meet such wonderful, creative people on a regular basis is a definite perk. Although I’ve never been naïve to this fact, in the frantic nature of that particular day, there was no time for reflection. But she’s right. I am lucky. All of us who are fortunate to work at and visit the Woodson are blessed to be surrounded by such experiences.

Once the rooftop sculpture garden opens to the public, and visitors and members are able to enjoy the artworks and views the rooftop provides, there will be even more memorable experiences to be had at the Woodson Art Museum.

The roof will be a great place to reflect.

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