Shoreline Retreat

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on June 3rd, 2015

What do you picture in your mind’s eye when you crave imagery to soothe the soul? I first think of a favorite magical lake, rimmed with spongy floating moss, delicate wildflowers, and dragonflies.


Ewoud de Groot, Phalaropes, 2008, oil on linen

So many of us, when seeking vacation locales, are drawn to water. Cool hues of greens and blues and rhythmic, gentle sounds offer respite and rejuvenation.

Although no exotic vacations are in our future while our kids’ college tuition remains the priority, a go-to getaway is just one flight of stairs away from my office.

Shoreline Symphony, a Woodson Art Museum collection exhibition on view in the south galleries, awaits. Serene depictions abound, but Ewoud de Groot’s painting, Phalaropes, reminds me most of my family’s retreat.

During Night Out @ the Woodson tomorrow, Museum curator Jane Weinke offers insights during a gallery walk, Art 101: Visit the Shore, 5:30-6:30 pm, and the Museum remains open until 7:30 pm for extended gallery strolls. Conjure up images of a day at the beach and drop in for Hands-on Art, 5:30-7 pm, to make a shoreline landscape collage with sand, paper, and more.

How lovely that Shoreline Symphony remains on view through February 21, 2016. I’ll count on numerous visits for mini-retreat refreshment during back-and-forth trips to and from my office.

Your virtual vacation “happy place” doesn’t have to be only in your mind’s eye; it can be as close the Woodson Art Museum, offering ready access in many ways, including proximity and always-free admission.

What Shoreline Symphony artwork transports you?


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