A Special Creativity

By: Jane Weinke, curator of collections/registrar on August 13th, 2014

I freely admit there are no creative bones in my body. I admire creative talents in others, but I am unable to take paints, sticks, canvas, paper, or any combination and make something pleasing to the eye. Luckily, I’m OK with that.

My family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers think differently. They would argue that my ability to bake cookies is not only a talent, but also an art form. I think it’s less about skill and more a labor of love. Afterall, I don’t create my own recipes.

With this blog installment, I’m sharing what I consider a minor talent . . . using Woodson Art Museum gallery walls as my “canvas” for the exhibitions I curate and install.

Enjoy this photomontage and comments highlighting the steps I take to get from ideas in my head to an artful array of paintings on gallery walls.

Storage racks

second gallery rack









The paintings in storage are gathered in one area, prepared for installation.


paintings ready to be moved to the gallery











The paintings then are transported from storage to the galleries.


blank gallery wall

blank oval-gallery wall









The lush green, gallery walls are a blank canvas for the soon-to-be-installed artworks.


Gallery layout 1Gallery layout 2








Oval gallery layout









The paintings are moved around the galleries, in some cases several times, to get just the right pairings and themes.


Tools to get the job done









One last walk-through occurs before hanging the artworks on the wall. Labels and lighting will be the final touches.



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