Stormy Kromer Connections

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on December 7th, 2022

Dogs and Stormy Kromer hats are sure-fire connection points for people. Here’s a recent email exchange with a printing partner for the Woodson Art Museum’s events calendar, featuring the Stormy Kromer: Evolution of a Classic exhibition on view this winter.

A tan Stormy Kromer cap showing a damaged bill chewed by a puppy

“Sharing a photo of my favorite one-of-a-kind Stormy Kromer. Style assist from a puppy years ago.” – Matt Grefe

I replied: “Ah, I know those puppy trademarks well, Matt! Years ago, we had a pup who made quick work of L.L. Bean boots I loved and turned a garden hose into a soaker hose. Here’s a blog post about our most recent culprit, Hawkeye.”

A "Share Your Stormy Story" museum wall where visitors post their comments on small black squares of paper

Shannon Pueschner, the Museum’s curator of exhibitions who designed and installed the exhibition, wisely included a “Share Your Stormy Story” comment wall. Visitors are bonding over the crucial contribution of Ida Kromer, Stormy’s wife, who created and sewed – invented, really – the first Stormy Kromer cap.

Three visitors' notes stating "Call it the Ida," "Team IDA," and "She's the real inventor" Two notes with visitors comments stating "Credit where credit is due . . . Ida! and I'da wear one if'n I had one.





  • “Yesterday, we came home to get our things together to go cut our Christmas tree. The dogs, one of them at least, had shredded Dad’s Stormy. It was all over the floor. The guilty party did not fess up. Dad’s ears were cold, 16 degrees and windy! Oh well, still a beautiful day and tree. And, I know what to get him for Christmas!””All the guys in my life have one. So do I!!”
  • “One of my favorite memories is Grandpa in his Stormy grilling our Thanksgiving turkey in the snow!”
  • “I had one when I was a baby.”
  • “It was our gift to members of our wedding party. :)”
  • “Kronenwetter means ‘stormy weather.’ Is ‘Kromer’ a short version, too?”
  • “I got my first Stormy at Tomahawk Surplus Store 1997.”
  • “Stormy was my neighbor’s uncle.”
  • “My father-in-law is always talking about his Stormy!”
  • “I bought my Stormy in Hancock, PA, and live in NJ. Love it!”
  • “Every good Yooper has their Stormy story.”
  • “Our ski group stops at the factory every year to add to our collections. They’ll certainly stop here on their way north this year!”

Photo of two dogs, one in a red plaid Critter Kromer coat.

I have a hunch people will bond over Critter Kromer Caps, too. I couldn’t resist recently getting a critter Kromer coat for Hawkeye, our now 3-year-old Brittany Spaniel.

Encouraging, fostering, witnessing, and enjoying connections between people while sharing experiences in the galleries is something I’ll miss after retiring at this year’s end. It’s been such a fun, rewarding 12 years as marketing and communications manager at the Museum. Many exciting things are in store during upcoming exhibitions, and the Museum’s talented staff team will bring it all to life with excellence.

What’s your Stormy Kromer story?

The exhibition remains on view through February 26, offering plenty of time to visit the Woodson Art Museum often – always admission free – deepening connections with friends and family this season and beyond.

A Critter Kromer cap perches atop a leather model of a dog's headStormy Kromer hats in the Woodson Art Museum exhibition gallery


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