By: Matt Foss on September 14th, 2022

While beautiful sunsets occur throughout all four seasons in Wisconsin, especially during the dead of winter, nothing beats a summer sunset, marking the end of a long day well spent outside.









When Saturday, September 10, and the public opening of Birds in Art began, I would have bet even money that there would be no sunset that night. A cold, steady rain and ominous clouds made Wausau look like Seattle.

Believe it or not, after artists and Museum staff retreated north of Wausau for rest and relaxation after two days of previews and Saturday morning’s public opening, the rain subsided, the clouds parted (slightly) and the sun peeked out just enough at the end of the day to provide a terrific sunset across one of northern Wisconsin’s beautiful lakes. While standing on the dock with artists from around the country and world looking out at the orange glow of the sun calling attention to the distant shore, you could feel that artists knew the sun was not only setting on that day, but also on their Birds in Art opening weekend experiences.










Once a year, many Birds in Art artists travel from near and far to reconnect with Museum staff, members, Woodson family members, and more importantly one another. All is punctuated by great food, beverages, camaraderie, and – of course – artwork in the galleries.

It is a special time with exceptional people, and although the 2022 Birds in Art opening weekend has now faded into memory, there will be new days, and eventually a new year. When the upcoming winter gives way to spring, it will be time for Museum staff to ramp up planning for the 2023 exhibition and opening weekend when the sun will surely shine across the lake again.

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