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Spring Cleaning

Posted on June 10, 2015
I love “to-do lists.” There’s nothing more satisfying than checking off one completed task after another. More often than not, one item migrates from one month’s list to the next. For many reasons, completing the annual cleaning of Edith Barretto Parsons’ sculpture Duck Baby is added to the list in November and remains on the list in June. It’s so easy to think all winter that plenty of time remains to get it prepared for the spring re-installation. Now the pressure is on.

Happy and Healthy Artwork in 2013

Posted on January 02, 2013
I write this so often, but at the start of 2013 it bears repeating. I love my job! Recently Woodson Art Museum director Kathy Foley, longtime museum patron, Judy Cherwinka and I embarked on a day trip to Minneapolis. Our mission was to deliver five artworks to the Midwest Art... Read More