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In the Moment & Months Ahead

Posted on April 25, 2018
Each of us on the Woodson Art Museum staff does a sort of time-travel two-step, dancing between the present, while preparing for future exhibitions. I truly consider it a privilege to get these tantalizing glimpses into the future. Here’s a sampling of the wonders to come.

Springing Ahead

Posted on May 28, 2014
I love springtime. After the long, snowy, cold winter, I want to relish every minute, feel the warm sun, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the vibrant flowers and verdant grass. As curator of collections, spring signals planning time for me, and the realization that each of the five exhibition spaces used for Museum collections will be reinstalled before September 1. That might seem daunting; sometimes it is. But mostly for me, it’s thrilling. To work with our beautiful and varied collection is exciting. I love hearing visitors comment as they encounter an artwork they haven’t seen for a while or even gasp when seeing a recent acquisition.