They Dew-ed It

By: deanna on December 26th, 2008

In the introduction to our blog (above), we invite you to come along with us as we muse, inform, riff, and offer observations on day-to-day happenings at Franklin and 12th Street.

Birthdays are one of those “happenings.” Usually birthday celebrations at the Woodson Art Museum are low-key. A box of donuts, a bag or two of red licorice, M & Ms, homemade cookies (Jane Weinke’s April birthday is the best because she is a cookie baker par excellence).

On my November birthday this year, I had the surprise of a lifetime. My colleagues had lined up in marching order around my office seventy-two cans and bottles of Mountain Dew!

Why Mountain Dew? I’m addicted, though I am trying to wean myself off this particular habit. Or I will be once my 72 cans and bottles are gone. My “code name” with my grandchildren is Dewy as is my character name on their Wii baseball game.

The inspiration behind their gift? I had a slight meltdown at a Birds in Art opening weekend activity at which no Mountain Dew was present. Maybe it was more than slight.

After this year’s birthday, a bag of M & Ms is going to seem pretty mundane!

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