This Project Means “A Lot”

By: Matt Foss on May 29th, 2019

In our efforts to meet and exceed the needs of all visitors, the Woodson Art Museum’s big capital project for 2019 is the refurbishing of the Museum’s main parking lot. Curbs and gutters as well as sections of the concrete sidewalks will be replaced, the parking spaces will be re-surfaced, and the grade will be re-sloped. After twenty-five years, it is time.








Over the years, people have said great things about every facet of our operation except for one: our parking lot. I have not heard a volunteer or visitor speak with confidence “Man I just love your parking lot!” “The pavement and sidewalks are enchanting!” “I couldn’t tell; was that a cloud I was walking on or was that your parking lot?”

In our defense, it wasn’t always looking ragged. The past two winters really did a number on the old gal. While Museum staff do their best to keep up with the maintenance, it is hard to schedule a time when we can block off the parking lot for an extended period to do all that is necessary. Finally, staff decided this summer was the time to make the work happen.

For several weeks, the main parking lot will be inaccessible to visitors and staff. While the work is going on, visitors will be able to park in the Museum’s lot across 12th street, and for handicapped accessible parking, the small staff lot will be available for those who require it. Additionally, parking on the streets along both 12th and McClellan (good street, bad general) will be available.

While not as exciting as the work done to the lower level gallery, Art Park, or even the Museum’s roof, there’s no mistaking the importance of a tip-top parking lot. If you think about it, the parking lot is the first thing most visitors encounter during a Woodson Art Museum experience. Shouldn’t we make the first impression a good one? Here’s hoping it doesn’t cost “a lot.”



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