Under Wraps

By: Lisa Hoffman, curator of education on September 8th, 2015

Adorn a gift with pretty paper and a bow, construct a gate at a garden entrance, conceal an item in a brown shipping box, or rope off a gallery to fuel curiosity and anticipation.

1blog9-9-15I embrace the joy of anticipation. I’m not a “present peeker;” I’ve never sneakily removed tape to prematurely divulge a birthday surprise. As a child, I’d patiently wait as Christmas gifts were handed out. While pregnant with each of my children – despite myriad ultrasound images enticing me to catch a glimpse – I didn’t want the gender revealed.

I credit my mom with fostering this joy. Mom’s the best gift giver – never missing an event or occasion. Mom builds anticipation by describing the gift’s size or weight and has been known to toss a few red herrings in this spirit. Gifts often arrive early with lovely paper meticulously wrapped, complete with sharp, neat corners and seams.

I’ve developed the theory that thoughtfulness, consistency, reliability, and care build joyful anticipation.


Several Woodson Art Museum galleries are temporarily closed. Visitors strolling through the spectacular complementary exhibitions glance longingly into the darkened galleries. For four decades, the Museum has presented Birds in Art – thoughtfully, consistently, reliably, and with care.

Anticipation builds until this Saturday, September 12 at 9:00 am when the doors will be wide open and the galleries fully lit.

Visit Saturday morning, 9 am-Noon, for fabulous 40th anniversary festivities – meet seventy Birds in Art artists; Artists Reflect, 9:30-10:30 am; and Artists in Action, 10:45-Noon – and often through November 29 to see what marvelous surprises are revealed throughout eleven weeks of the best indoor birdwatching on the planet.

PS: I must amend my earlier statement . . . I did peek in the galleries and oh, what a gift!

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