Unplugging . . . Temporarily

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on October 2nd, 2013

Make no mistake, I have fully embraced the digital age.

Like a dog that has learned new tricks, I have “mastered” – well, acquired adequate skills – email, internet searches, social media posts, blogging, and texting.

I love being connected to our daughters via texts. At times, their witty messages make me laugh out loud. I especially relish the spontaneity of a quick text; it can be almost like a long-distance hug.

The benefits of digital connectivity for the Woodson Art Museum are multifold and provide the motivation for me to continually improve my skills. Using Facebook, for example, to share news of upcoming events or photos following programs is like a dream come true.

Just think, it wasn’t long ago that we were processing film, making duplicate prints, and mailing or hand-delivering them to the media. FedEx streamlined delivery back then. Today, the inability to immediately email a file or an image to a waiting reporter sends you into a tailspin.

While these few examples are the upside of digital connectivity for me, I’ve recently experienced a “tethered” feeling, even though working wirelessly is the new norm. I took this as a sign. It was time to take a break. Unplug, temporarily.

I’ve unsubscribed from dozens of lists, newsletters, commercial sites, and communiqués I don’t even recall subscribing to. It feels good, uncluttered, like cleaning out a dresser drawer.

I don’t want to hear the “ping” of incoming messages or feel the urgency to respond. I’m looking forward to the quiet and to not being quite so accessible. I think it will be a healthy change of pace.

And in the spirit of this honest post, I’ll be ready to plug back in when the time is right.

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