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Upcoming Exhibitions

The World According to Federico Uribe

June 2 – August 26, 2018

Columbia-born, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe creates magical creatures and playful installations from everyday objects. Finding beauty in simple materials such as books, colored pencils, wood fragments, and shoes and transforming them into animals and natural environments, Uribe creates an immersive and whimsical landscape. These new and innovative forms are simultaneously entrenched in sculptural and painting traditions while breaking free of their constraints. Uribe believes that “every artwork has a story, character and feelings all connected to memories and sensations that eco into our life.” For the Woodson Art Museum, Uribe will create a large-scale site-specific walk-in environment.


Dynamic Designs: The Serigraphs of Anne Senechal Faust

April 28, 2018 – February 17, 2019

Anne Faust’s vibrant silkscreens affirm her mastery of this medium and a deep knowledge of and affinity for birds and their habitats. Named the Woodson Art Museum’s Master Wildlife Artist in 1999, she was the first woman and the first printmaker to receive this prestigious award. Anne designated the Woodson Art Museum as the repository for her artistic oeuvre, representing a commitment by the artist to ensure the Museum’s collection includes each of her screenprints.


Birds in Art 2018

September 8  – November 25, 2018

Birds enthrall us with their stunning plumage, amusing antics, and lilting song. Avian art inspires in endlessly novel ways, too, evoking the freedom of flight and the fragility of their earthbound existence. Artists from throughout the world push themselves to new heights, striving to be selected for the internationally renowned Birds in Art exhibition. The 43rd annual exhibition celebrates avian marvels through new interpretations – in an array of mediums, including oil, watercolor, the graphic arts, bronze, stone, and others – created within the last three years. Artwork for the Birds in Art exhibition is selected each year in May.


Victor Vasarely: Op Art Master

December 1, 2018 – February 24, 2019

The world-renowned father of the Op Art movement, Victor Vasarely experimented with background, color, and materials, combining geometric elements. His innovative use of optical illusions became popular in the 1960s and 70s and optical art in design, advertisement, architecture became a part of everyday life.