Visual Velcro

By: deanna on November 3rd, 2008

I love this phrase. I wish I came up with it myself. It describes that “gravitational pull” some artworks have. You know it when you see it. Even when preparing for an exhibition’s opening and subsequent docent training, I know the feeling.

Some artworks just pull, like Walt Matia’s piece, Molly is a Working Girl featured in the 2007 Birds in Art exhibition. Over the course of the exhibition, we received dozens of thank you notes from students and many of them had images of Molly. Molly had Visual Velcro. She stuck with those students longer than they were here, perhaps even for days after they returned to their classrooms, and what surprised me the most, was how well they remembered Molly and drew her.

I wonder what Birds in Art artworks will have Visual Velcro this year? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Which artworks connect to you with Visual Velcro?

*Remember, Visual Velcro is what we’re after, not Visual Teflon!

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