What I Did on My Summer “Vacation”

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on August 7th, 2013

By Olivia Heitz

After volunteering this summer at the Woodson Art Museum, I’m convinced everything is great: the people, the atmosphere, the accomplishments, and so much more.

Museum staff members are filled with respect for one another, and the atmosphere is comforting and calm, even with all of the hectic schedules. Everyone looks out for one another, and since stepping into the building on my first day, I felt welcome. A simple “good morning” was the perfect start each day. It’s obvious everyone cares and is willing to help in any way necessary. As a newcomer, I was welcomed with respect. When I was outside cleaning sculptures, individuals walking by were concerned about whether I was wearing sunscreen and had enough water. I even worked under a canopy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

 With caring comes trust. The Museum offers a hands-on approach to learning. From day one, I helped with an assortment of tasks, from installing paintings for a new exhibition to “poop patrol” – cleaning off the “gifts” left by an assortment of birds on sculptures and signage. Because the Museum believes in “learning-by-doing,” it’s possible to accomplish more in less time.

I’ve developed many useful skills this summer: an improved work ethic; a better ability to problem solve; a  better sense of community interaction; the ability to adapt; and the list goes on.
While my summer was enjoyable and rewarding, the weather hardly proved to be “summery.” My experiences did, however, make up for my disappointment in Mother Nature. My time at the Museum flew by; I’m glad I jumped at the opportunity.

I have a passion for the fine arts, and it was exciting to explore possible career options. This internship provided me with knowledge and experience to help plan for my future; it was a great introduction to the museum profession. I’m sad to be leaving so early, but tennis practice calls!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me learn this summer.

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