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By: Elaina Johann, administrative manager on December 8th, 2021

For months, Christian Robinson’s illustrated children’s books have circulated among the Woodson Art Museum staff. We’ve marveled over how the mark making and cut-out simple shapes come together with artistry to tell stories that value different perspectives. Each of us gained inspiration, before the opening of What Might you Do? The Art of Christian Robinson, on view now through February 27, 2022.

Every Woodson staff member contributes to the presentation of exhibitions, from mocking up an exhibition in miniature and actually installing artwork in the galleries to writing many words that capture the spirit of the artworks and bringing together images for newsletters, events calendars, and activity guides – just a few of many projects.

During installation week, it all comes together, connected by the books illustrated by Christian Robinson, which are now out of our offices and throughout the Museum.

In the galleries, the books are on view next to the artworks. The exhibition showcases collage and how composing an image means playing around with assembling and re-assembling characters and objects. The books compress those images into a language of graphic design. With the book in hand, you can compare how the artist moves through the processes to produce the illustrated books.

In Art Park, books are cozy in a nook surrounded by opportunities to imagine and create. Using shapes that mimic ones Robinson would use, you can put together your own story with a cast of characters on magnetic boards or by illustrating through storyboards.

At Visitor Services, books can be purchased. Perfect gifts for little ones in your life, Robinson’s books also can inspire all ages to create and see another side of any story through themes of diversity, inclusivity, and kindness.


Christian Robinson’s books also can be found in downtown Wausau at Janke Book Store, the Museum’s partner for book sales here.

Wherever you go this season, share a little kindness, and bring a bit of Christian Robinson’s world with you through his books or items you create in the Museum or at home, inspired by the artwork on view.

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