Winged Messengers

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on November 18th, 2015

New paper birds – adorned with memories, lovely comments, and sketches – continue flocking to the commemorative birch tree grove, Birds of a Feather: 40 Years Together, between the Woodson Art Museum’s main entrance and west gallery. Visitors, invited to jot or draw Birds in Art memories, have responded so enthusiastically that frequent migrations are necessary to make room for new arrivals.









Here’s a sampling from the last several weeks:

“Fab! as usual AND always free – important so everyone may see beauty.”

“This is a ‘must see’ every fall! Well worth the drive from Eau Claire. Thanks.”

“Congrats on 40 years of being a treasure. – from Green Bay.”

“We enjoy bringing our kids here to visit and see the art every few months. It’s a fun family activity we can all enjoy together!”

“Love Birds in Art! Have returned for 15 years and will be back next year – two Illinois artists.”

“A wonderful date night. Thank you!”

“Thank you for this museum of splendors in nature!”

“Highlight of our sisters’ weekend! Loved it!”

“Give me a piece of sky in which to fly and I won’t cry.”

“My family has made a tradition of coming here each year in October. So many wonderful memories and such a beautiful and inspiring place.”

“I went on the May Bird Count every year with my mother since 1971.She passed at 92 in November 2014. I will carry on.”

“My dad and I have been coming for nine years. We both love and look forward to this each year. My favorite so far was the hippo sculpture with the bird on its back.”

“2002, Dale Weiler’s Lonesome Dove. My father had just gone in the hospital for what turned out to be his last time fighting cancer. I came to Birds in Art for a break from the hospital. When I read Mr. Weiler’s thought on his work and dedicating it to someone who also passed from cancer, I broke down crying and Mr. Weiler held me and hugged me. Just what I needed – his art touched me. Thank you.”

“As birds of a feather, we flocked together; the Francis family came here when our daughter came from Texas to visit. Thank you!”









“What a beautiful day for a walk with the birds! Love Cathy Sheeter’s Prickly Perspective the best. Thank you Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum for another wonderful Birds in Art!”

“I love the art museum so much and being able to view so many beautiful paintings every time I come here. Thanks so much.”

“In a world with books, flowers, and birds  . . . how can one not be happy!”

“Thank you for being a wonderful part of my 30th birthday weekend!”

“Today is my 60th birthday! This is one of my favorite places to visit!”

“My family has been coming here specifically for the bird exhibition for seven years. We all love it and take bets on the long drive here about which bird we’ll like best!”

“Thirty-one years ago I came here when I found out I was going to have my daughter. It was a wonderful time with my husband and my parents.”

“Friends introduced me to the exhibition in the mid-1980s, and I’ve been coming ever since. The birds and the art amaze and inspire me. I look forward to it every year and am never disappointed.”

“Life is a continual migration!”

“A very nice way for my wife and me to spend my 39th birthday weekend.”








“I was working at the Kiel Public Library when we received a poster for the very first Birds in Art here in Wausau. Haven’t missed many of the shows in all these 40 years although I now live north of here in Phillips. Wish I had saved that poster.”

“I never considered myself a bird person; this place changed my mind!”

“Thank you for all the time, effort, and talent!”

“Why did I wait until I was 20 to come make an origami rooster?”

“This is a yearly mother-daughter fall tradition. Love Birds in Art!”

“Wonderful stop on our journey to Door County. This is a beautiful and peaceful place.”

“The beauty of interpretation of birds is beyond description. Birds in Art 2015 is an indescribable gift for so many to enjoy. (Green Bay)”

“Inspiring me to draw more birds myself!”

“I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. Once a month after church and lunch my parents would stop here and we would enjoy a few hours of art. Wausau is lucky to have such a ‘gem’ in its midst.”

“I grew up coming to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum during field trips, days off, summer. . . This place was part of my childhood!”









“My husband and I started coming to Birds in Art when we were dating in the early 80s. We have never missed a year since! We have now raised our own young, and we have a photo of them on the bronze hippo sculpture from each year we attended. Now they have fledged and we have found ourselves with the proverbial empty nest. This is the first time we’ve come alone since 1991! Wonderful show! Wonderful memories!”

“Outstanding. I’m amazed at the variety and the talent on display. Your Art Park is very impressive. Thanks for contributing to early literacy! Wonderful and unexpected!”

“The seniors of North Central Health Care enjoyed sharing their bird memories during the SPARK! program. Thanks!”

“I remember bringing my nephew and his friend for art camp two summers. We all were enriched by the atmosphere, both inside and out, and came away renewed and invigorated to be our creative best. Thank you, everyone here!”

“One of my Bucket List items fulfilled. Thanks to my friend.”

Be sure to visit before Birds in Art 2015, on view through November 29, flies away! Bringing friends and family to the Museum after the Thanksgiving holiday – on Friday, November 27, 9 am-4 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, November 28 and 29, Noon-5 pm – is a perfect was to create new memories. Be sure to jot yours on a paper bird and add it to a perch amid the birch tree grove flock.

Let us hear from you . . . what do you remember or impressed you most from a Birds in Art visit?

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