A Little Love in the Air

By: Elaina Johann, administrative manager on February 10th, 2021

My weekends are filled with dog walks and home-improvement projects. Both are perfect activities for the winter and a pandemic.

In early December, I decided on something to incorporate into my home projects. If you don’t know yet, you’ll soon find out that after I’ve thought of an idea, I consider the possibilities and carry it through to completion.

I was ready to implement this idea and shut out the possibility of someone telling me otherwise, even if it might be untraditional. I didn’t tell my best friends, my family, nor my two dogs, Fennel and Juniper. I especially didn’t tell my partner, Scott, who always entertains my ideas.

Getting started was simple. I ordered a giant Sharpie which arrived in a couple of days without any holiday-related shipping delays. And I held onto that Sharpie for a weekend, then two, then three. The fourth weekend became my last shot to use the marker as I intended.

Patience is key and, typically, things work out best at the intended moments. On January 2, 2021, we reached the home-improvements project phase that worked best before we installed the vinyl floating flooring in the basement.

While Scott took the dogs out, I got to work implementing my secret plan. Their time out in the cold was brief and they rushed in before I finished. I nervously carried through without any further interruptions as they scurried around upstairs.

I wrote a proposal for Scott to keep as a time capsule in our house’s foundation. We then covered that proposal with the flooring soon after. As you can see in the photo, he said yes.

This Valentine’s Day put a little extra love in the air, but for gosh sakes, keep your mask on and your germs to yourself.

Spend it with your sweetie. Take on a home project. Walk the dog. Come to the Woodson Art Museum for a Valentine’s date and share your love of art with your sweetie.

Micro Modernism, a Mini Makes exhibition in the Museum’s lower level, is the new date spot for pairs of paper patrons.

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