There Will Be Coffee

By: Matt Foss on September 18th, 2019

At the Woodson Art Museum, we love coffee. We love hot coffee, iced coffee, espresso, decaf, cold brew, and all types of mochas, lattes, and everything in between. There are a few of us who use soft drinks and tea to receive their caffeine fix, but for the majority of us, coffee is king.

Fortunately, the Wausau area is lucky to have talented local coffee roasters flooding grocery stores and farmers markets.

For the opening day of Birds in Art, the Museum was fortunate to secure the support of local roaster / company, Condor Coffee, to provide coffee for artists and the public visiting the Museum on Saturday morning.

Artists and visitors arriving on Birds in Art’s opening day

As a fan of Condor’s coffee, I stop at their brick-and-mortar coffee shop when I take my daughter, Lucy, to school. We typically sit, me with coffee, Lucy with a blueberry muffin, while we wait until it’s time to drop her off for the day. One day, I approached the manager, proposing the idea of Condor providing coffee for Birds in Art opening day.

I sold him on the potential benefits, with Lucy chiming in about the bird connection. “You know, because a condor is a bird.”

I couldn’t help but think that we looked like a 21st century version of the fictionalized characters from “There Will Be Blood,” Daniel and H.W. Plainview.

It must have worked, because both the manager and owner embraced the idea, and Condor happily supplied coffee during the public opening. By all accounts, it was a hit. The lines were long and visitors raved about the coffee. The Museum is always at the ready to partner with local businesses and organizations to make the museum experience even better for visitors. The only change I see next year is that staff will have to make sure to get a cup before the public does!

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