Get Your Glass Up Here!

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on May 4th, 2022

Have you ever looked forward to something with great anticipation and when it finally comes to be, it’s even better than you imagined?!

For months, the Woodson Art Museum team and I have been planning and promoting the Corning Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop residency now underway.

A man standing in front of an outdoor stage speaks to people seated beneath a tent, ready for glassmaking demonstrations. Dozens of people seated beneath a tent listen and watch to glassmaking demonstrations on an outdoor stage that folds out from a semi-tractor trailer that traveled from Corning, N.Y., to Wausau, WI.

We recruited multiple partners, received generous presenting sponsorship support from the Judd S. Alexander Foundation, and accommodated tour requests from area educators representing more than 1,100 students.

Without a doubt, at this midway point in the ten-day residency, our expectations have been exceeded and we’re looking forward to continued dynamic demonstrations.

Glassblowing is magical and the Corning Mobile Hot Shop trio of glass artists is terrific.

Dozens of adults and young students seated beneath a tent listen and watch to glassmaking demonstrations.

During a class visit, a student smiles as she holds a pink glass goblet created by glassmakers.

Even the past weekend’s less-than-ideal weather couldn’t keep eager audiences away or the Hot Shop team down. We powered through, buoyed by large, enthusiastic crowds.

George, Michael, and Jeff – the Mobile Hot Shop maestros – continue to create imaginative, colorful, and ambitious glassworks now through Sunday afternoon, May 8.

A man crouches forward as he blows air through a tube into colorful molten glass spinning on the end of a metal rod held by another glassmaker.

If you watched “Blown Away” on Netflix, but have not seen glassblowing up close and personal, you don’t want to miss the Corning team at the Woodson.

I can say with confidence that a visit to the Woodson Art Museum, where three stunning glass exhibitions are on view – Art Deco Glass: From the David Huchthausen Collection, Luster & Light: Art 

A glassmaker holding a long metal rod pushes a large orange glass vase into a 2,000-degree glassmaking furnace, glowing bright yellow from the heat.

Nouveau Glass, and Molten: 30 Years of American Glass – coupled with the magic of glassblowing, provide unparalleled experiences.

Don’t delay, get your glass up here today! You’ll be wowed.

PS. Hearty thanks to our community partners – see their names and logos here – and donors, who helped to make the glassblowing residency possible.


A glassmaker standing on the Mobile Hot Shop stage hands an orange glass vase to a man after a glassmaking demonstration.A glassmaker spins a long metal rod that he holds vertically to use gravity to help shape colorfully striped glass while it remains warm and pliable and before it cools and hardens into a large vase.

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