“Leaf” It to the Painter

By: Rachel Hausmann-Schall, artist residency & adult program manager on October 11th, 2023

Fall weather is finally here. Pumpkins, apple cider, crunchy leaves, and Halloween decorations are some of my favorite things about this time of year. For many at the Museum, post- Birds in Art opening is a time for end of year slowdown, but in the education department, things are ramping up. With school tours, outreach, reinvented programming, and an artist residency in full swing, fellow Museum educator Emily Fritz and I have a full calendar.

Ariana Vaeth stands behind a podium to the left of a projector screen. She is giving an artist talk about her work in the Museum's classroom space. The screen depicts a painting of hers with lots of colorful patterns and a figure reaching upwards.

Artist in Residence Ariana Vaeth during her evening Artist Talk.

People are mingling in the Glass Box Studio, a large studio space with concrete floors and industrial beams and wood topped tables. Artist in Residence Ariana Vaeth stands on the right side of the frame talking to a Bird Club participant. A cork wall is behind them with paintings and drawings hanging up on it.

Ariana Vaeth mingling with members of the Wausau Bird Club.

With the completion of the Museum’s Glass Box Studio earlier this year, October has been the month I have been eagerly anticipating. Last week, we welcomed Milwaukee-based painter Ariana Vaeth to our campus for the Woodson’s longest residency yet – nearly a month! Over the course of the next few weeks, Ariana will be engaging with students, visitors, and workshop participants during various program offerings. She will teach painting and composition techniques during a three-part evening workshop on Tuesdays, a weekend workshop focused on portraiture, and share insights behind her painting practice during Open Studio Sessions on Thursdays.

Two students sit on stools on the right side of the image. Beside them, is Ariana Vaeth, October Artist in Residence, dressed in all red. She is creating a drawing of the students using oil pastels and an easel in the Museum's Glass Box Studio. The drawing is made up of pinks, purples, and flesh tones.

Ariana Vaeth drawing two students during their visit to the Glass Box Studio.

Several students sit on the concrete floor of the Museum's Glass Box Studio. They are engaged and raising hands to ask questions of the artist.

Students at the Glass Box Studio during Ariana’s residency.

Three women stand together holding a colorful drawing created by Ariana Vaeth. The drawing was created in oil pastel with lots of purples, pinks, and blues. All three people are smiling happily.

Ariana’s completed drawing of two educators created during a school visit.

Ariana has already demonstrated drawing techniques with fourth and fifth graders during their school tours at the Museum. In fact, she asked both students and teachers to model for her as she completed drawings in real time! Ariana’s enthusiasm for art making is contagious and I hope you can find time in your schedule to visit the Museum and take advantage of our exciting fall programming to enrich your creative senses. Maybe I can convince Ariana to dress up for season and enjoy some fall festivities while she’s here.

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