Play in the Snow

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on February 24th, 2021

After an unusually snow-free early winter followed by a bitter cold snap, the time is finally right to play in the snow.

The Team USA snow sculpting trio set the bar high, as always, with this year’s penguin family completed February 20. With rising temperatures in the forecast, don’t delay. Now is the time to see the cool penguins at the Woodson Art Museum and to shape snow creations in your own backyard.

Snow play isn’t just for kids; the fresh air and infusion of creativity is invigorating for all ages. Our fully grown “kids” transformed a recent winter’s snow mound into a luge tunnel that entertained “kids” and dogs alike.

Small-scale snow sculpture can be a great way to share good cheer in neighborhoods, too.

For inspiration, check out this video by Woodson Art Museum staff, encouraging all to sculpt small-scale snow creations with everyday objects as tools. This link to a snow-sculpture-themed Art Kit offers ideas and activities to spark creativity, too.

Before sunshine melts winter’s white stuff, bundle up, head outside to seize however many snow-sculpting days remain, and have fun playing in this season’s snow.


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