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Making the Cut

Posted on May 01, 2013
Tuesday evening the Woodson Art Museum’s classroom was filled with laughter. Hearing students and parents say “this was a lot of fun,” “I love the sticky ink,” “I love this stuff,” “Mom I got my hands dirty (with a big smile)!” Nothing fills this museum educator’s heart more than the... Read More

Sculptors Play in the Snow

Posted on January 30, 2013
Do you remember when you were a kid and school was called off due to an unusually heavy snowfall? It was like getting a Saturday during the school week; what a treat. My brothers and sisters and I would go sledding, build forts, have snowball fights, and just enjoy winter.... Read More

Raku Oohs and Awesome Ahhs

Posted on July 20, 2011
I need a word better than WOW to describe last week. Right now, WOW is what comes to mind. It was a WOW week and so much more. Last week (July 10-16), I had the enjoyment of spending the entire week outdoors in the Woodson Art Museum sculpture garden. What... Read More

Museum Partnerships Strengthen Community Tapestry

Posted on March 16, 2011
The Woodson Art Museum’s partnerships and public programs are an integral part of the community tapestry. An array of more than two dozen public programs for all ages are offered monthly to complement every exhibition: Art Babies, Art Time for Tots, Toddler Tuesday, Little Masters, Young Artists, Art Park Open... Read More

Who’s Afraid of Icy Roads? Not this SPARK! Advocate

Posted on February 03, 2011
It’s 7 am on January 27, and I’m off to Superior, Wisconsin, to attend a conference, “Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies throughout the Second Half of Life.” I’ve rented an SUV with all-wheel drive and feel confident that I’ll arrive in one piece. I made it as far as Colby... Read More