The Gift of Sight

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on March 23rd, 2022

I’ve never taken my eyesight for granted. It’s a valued gift, to be sure, that not only impacts my art museum work, but brings joy in immeasurable ways, from vivid sunsets and sunrises to marveling at the almost daily observable changes in our young grandchildren.

Over the past year, it became clear that “blooming” cataracts were affecting the clarity of my vision, especially at dusk. It was time to take action, which I did earlier this month.

The almost immediate improvement is difficult to describe. The brightness and intensity of light is astonishing and that’s after the removal of just one cloudy lens. I can hardly wait for the second to be done.

To put this surprisingly observable change in context, upon returning home after the procedure, I asked my husband if he had changed the lightbulb in a bedside lamp; he had not, but that’s how “newly bright” it appeared to me.

Back in the office, “bright light” encounters continue, especially in the galleries where colors – resplendent in both the Art Deco Glass and Molten exhibitions – are more vivid than I had previously observed.

I’m grateful for the gift of sight and for my enhanced vision.

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