Cultivating Connections through Botanical Art

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on June 12th, 2019

How many times have colorful blooms caught your eye and caused you to wonder “what is that flower?”

During a recent trip to southwest Wisconsin, conspicuous purple flowers clustered along roadsides and woodland edges garnered attention.

The flowers dominated conversation, too, among those in line for a guided tour of Pendarvis, a Wisconsin historic site in Mineral Point.

Dame’s rocket, not phlox, was the consensus. My brother-in-law and his wife, visiting from South Dakota, recognized it as a flower in their yard so were interested to learn it’s considered invasive, at least in Wisconsin, because of its prolific, hardy seeds.

After a harsh winter and a long-awaited spring, it’s no wonder we’re eager to fixate on plants and flowers transforming the landscape into a lush haven of greenery.

Two summer exhibitions now open at the Woodson Art Museum celebrate the beauty and diversity of plant life via botanical art.

© Betsy Rogers-Knox, Woodland Wildflowers, 2016, watercolor on paper

Botanical Art Worldwide: America’s Flora and Flora, Fauna, Font: Illustrating the Alphabet, on view through August 25, highlight the delicate intricacy of plant life. Whether you’re a master gardener, botanical artist, or a plant enthusiast who enjoys pausing to smell life’s roses, these summer exhibitions are sure to delight. Programs for all ages and two artist residencies – the first with willow artist Bonnie Gale, June 21-23, and the second with botanical artist Wendy Brockman, August 1-4 – include workshops and programs offering many ways to cultivate creativity. To register for residency workshops, call the Museum at 715-845-7010.

Botanical-themed fun abounds in Art Park, the Museum’s interactive family gallery, where a living plant library inspires drawing and five-foot alphabet letters prompt imaginary play and provide photo opportunities.

As temperatures climb and mosquitoes hatch outdoors, the Woodson Art Museum’s botanical art-filled galleries are an indoor summer garden-themed oasis.

Visit often with friends and family to discover the many ways botanical art fosters connections between people and plants and deepens appreciation for beauty, creativity, and one another.

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