Rolling Out the Welcome, Matt

By: Matt Foss on August 21st, 2019

Two months ago, via this blog, I explained the numerous reasons the Woodson Art Museum was refurbishing its main parking lot. A steep slope, rough patches, not enough parking spaces, worn curbs and gutters, the list goes on. Two months later, I can safely say that all of those problems have been corrected. Not only have the unsightly aspects of the old parking lot been remedied, the new lot just looks and feels nicer. It’s certainly more welcoming.


Perhaps even more attractive is the new sidewalk and retaining wall around the main entrance. When aspects of the parking lot project and a few other exciting projects in the near future dictated that the retaining wall be re-built along the Museum’s main entrance, we decided also to re-do the sidewalk and accompanying pavers and lights. More than twenty years old, the previous main entrance walkway was showing wear and tear.

Through the dedicated work and talents of revi DESIGN, Kell Excavating, the Samuels Group, and Van Ert Electric, these areas of the Museum’s campus now are better and more functional. Even though the scope of work increased, the deadlines remained the same, so the fact that everything looks great and was completed on time is a testament to the work of these respective firms. To honor their commitment and hard work on the project, the Museum hosted a cookout on Monday. The beautiful weather and fellowship provided a fitting end to the project.

Come see these improvements during the last few days of Botanical Art Worldwide: America’s Flora and Flora, Fauna, Font: Illustrating the Alphabet. And then, enjoy it further during Birds in Art, just over two weeks away. I know of some good parking spots now!


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