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Sculptors Play in the Snow

Posted on January 30, 2013
Do you remember when you were a kid and school was called off due to an unusually heavy snowfall? It was like getting a Saturday during the school week; what a treat. My brothers and sisters and I would go sledding, build forts, have snowball fights, and just enjoy winter.... Read More

Art History 101 – A Monthly Dose to Boost Cultural Health

Posted on March 09, 2011
Last summer the Woodson Art Museum added a regular dose of art history to our events lineup. These noon-hour programs are designed to feature a different artist whose work complements the exhibition on view. That style then is woven into the hands-on projects planned for children in monthly Little Masters... Read More

Snow Sculptors Display Magic in Motion

Posted on March 02, 2011
Team USA snow sculptors say they’re just big kids who like to play in the snow. But after seeing them toil in bitterly cold conditions hour after hour, it’s clear that this trio is driven by a white-hot determination to deliver. For twenty-two years, Mike Martino, Tom Queoff and Mike... Read More

Playing in the Snow

Posted on February 09, 2011
There’s an old joke about art historians and how we fall asleep when the lights go on! ** Left to right: Mike Martino, Tom Queoff, Mike Sponholtz If you follow this “logic,” Team USA Snow Sculptors – Mike Martino, Tom Queoff, and Mike Sponholtz – come to life when the... Read More