572 Weeks Ago . . .

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on September 4th, 2019

. . . we launched “Woodson Wanderings,” the Woodson Art Museum’s blog, with an invitation and a promise.

We invited readers to join us on a mixed voice – institutional and personal – weekly journey as we explored all things Woodson Art Museum, from exhibitions and artworks to behind-the-scenes goings-on and local and farther-afield travels, along with stories of our daily lives.

We promised never to miss a week, and we’ve upheld that promise.

A core group of current and former Woodson Art Museum staff members embraced the challenge, together providing a diary-like chronicle of Woodson Art Museum life on our campus and beyond over a remarkable eleven-year period of growth and accomplishments.

We proudly celebrated successes including the 2017 National Medal for Museum Service and we choked back tears as we mourned the death of dear friend and co-worker Joe Ruelle in April 2017. We shared news of weddings and grandbabies, and regular readers have come to expect an exceptional holiday cookie recipe from super-baker and curator of collections Jane Weinke.

As I compose this post a year into the second decade of “Woodson Wanderings,” I’m thinking about not only topics I’ve touched on, but also those tackled by my co-bloggers. We each have our own style – and that gives our blog “flavor.” Some weeks, I laugh out loud or giggle; other weeks I might get a bit misty-eyed by a shared poignancy or have to turn to the dictionary to uncover the meaning of a new word. Regardless of the emotional content, I am always learning something new and trust those who follow “Woodson Wanderings” are, too.

The 2008 debut of the Museum’s blog teed up the 33rd edition of Birds in Art, our flagship exhibition. 2019 marks the exhibition’s 44th anniversary, and over the next few days we’ll welcome more than seventy artists from around the world to celebrate the opening of this year’s exhibition on Saturday, September 7.

Be an early bird on Saturday morning – the Museum opens at 9:00. Get a jumpstart on Wausau’s Artrageous Weekend, be among the first to check out the new exhibition, and get your 2019 catalogue and posters signed.

We’ll continue to make good on our promise to blog weekly; please continue to wander the Woodson and more with us!

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