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New Year, New Team, Same Support

Posted on February 01, 2023
2023 is off to a busy and promising start at the Woodson Art Museum with new staff members hitting the ground running and all hands on deck working together to offer meaningful programs for the north central Wisconsin community.

Play in the Snow

Posted on February 24, 2021
For inspiration, check out this video by Woodson Art Museum staff, encouraging all to sculpt small-scale snow creations with everyday objects as tools. This link to a snow-sculpture-themed Art Kit offers ideas and activities to spark creativity, too.

Still the Same

Posted on February 17, 2021
Few things haven’t changed in the past year with the coronavirus pandemic affecting almost all aspects of our lives. Through all of this, one annual Museum highlight is going forth, as planned. Snow Sculpture.

Somewhere Over the Snowblow

Posted on February 05, 2020
Wait a second, did I hear that correctly? Is that the sound of paradise calling?

Making Fleeting Magic

Posted on January 15, 2020
This weekend, January 18-19, the Woodson Art Museum hosts origami artist Jiangmei Wu and snow sculptors as they work wonders with paper and snow. These artists’ transformations are magical. Whether you visit to marvel at their results or satisfy your curiosity about the artists’ tools and techniques, inspiration and insights are in store.

Sculptors Who Lunch

Posted on January 23, 2019
Although coworkers and friends have described me as “lanky,” “gangly,” and a “human coatrack,” I love all types of high calorie, extra gluten, extra cheesy, extra crispy, deep fried marvels. When asked what the snow sculptors wanted for lunch, their only answer was “calories.” If you'd like to burn off some calories, too, check out the 2019 snow sculpture and Victor Vasarely: Op Art Master, which remains on view at the Woodson through Sunday, February 24. It’s the perfect place to stop after lunch.

Still Defrosting

Posted on January 24, 2018
At face value, Tom Queoff, Mike Martino, and Mike Sponholtz seem to have nothing in common (in looks nor personality), but work together as well as any team or group I’ve had the pleasure of watching.

Portraits Carved in Snow

Posted on January 28, 2015
See photos, from starting block to finished marvel, of Team USA Snow Sculptors as they create "Mount Snowmore." Celebrating a 25-year partnership with the Woodson Art Museum, Mike Martino, Tom Queoff, and Mike Sponholtz carved their portraits in snow, Mount Rushmore style, last weekend. Enjoy daytime views and gallery visits or drive by at night to see the snow sculpture illuminated. Take inspiration from 50 Greatest National Geographic Photographs; bring your camera to capture Mount Snowmore at sunset and post your photos on the Museum’s Facebook page.

Making Magic with Snowflakes

Posted on January 22, 2014
Team USA Snow Sculptors return next week to work their winter magic for their 24th year at the Woodson Art Museum. To those of us who’ve bundled up and toiled away to create simple snowballs packed and stacked into rudimentary snowmen, these artists’ jaw-dropping creations are marvels. Although they may... Read More

Let Art Move You

Posted on February 08, 2012
We’re on the move at the Woodson Art Museum.   From yoga in the galleries and box step dance demonstrations complementing recent wooden boxes exhibitions to elephant exercises during an upcoming Carnival of the Animals-themed Toddler Tuesday, staff is folding movement into the mix. The reason is simple: moving is... Read More